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Buy to let remortgage offers

Buy to let remortgage offers

Buy to let remortgage Offers

Check your interest rates! If the interest rates on your buy to let mortgage are higher than shown below then you should think about re-mortgaging.

A remortgage of a let property would normally involve valuation, legal and arrangement fees. The costs of remortgaging can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

The buy to let lenders listed below offer help with the costs of remortgaging.

Think about early repayment charges. Early repayment charges will apply during the fixed rate period. This may affect you if you want to sell or remortgage in the near future

Remember - We do not charge any broker fees!

APRC stands for Annual Percentage Rate of Charge. It used to be called APR. The APRC is calculated by taking into account both the interest rates charged AND the lender fees charged. We are obliged to quote the APRC but think its use is very limited. You should consider that it is calculated over the WHOLE term of the mortgage.

If you take out a 2 year fix at 2% reverting to a standard variable rate at 5% for the remaining 23 years, (assuming a 25 year term) it is very likely the APRC will approximate to 5%. The calculation ignores the fact that you are very likely to arrange another fixed rate at the end of the initial 2 year period

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