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Buy to let for income and capital gain

Buy to let for income and capital gain

Buy to let for Income and Capital Gain

It is a cornerstone of financial planning that investments should be spread so that you do not have all of your money in one place. 

Over the long term, property has proved to be a sound and reliable investment.

Over the short term, there are real risks of you losing money, this is because house prices can fall as well as rise.

Property provides the opportunity of investing in bricks and mortar.

Buying to let provides both income and the prospect of a capital gain when the property is sold.

Some investors choose to keep their property into retirement as a source of retirement income.
Other investors are happy to keep their property for a period, after which they will sell and realise their gain.

Like any investment, you need to choose the right property. Research your market carefully. Ideally your property should be self financing; check that the investment return is enough. 
If the sums don't add up then don't buy.

Property prices are driven by demand. If demand exceeds supply then prices are likely to rise. Currently there is an imbalance between population growth and new housing. With the addition of eastern European nations into the European union, this is likely to continue.

The rental market is also affected by changing work patterns. The government are encouraging young people to study for longer. Students will not be in a position to buy while they are studying

It is difficult to predict where house prices will be in the short term as they are affected by a number of factors. Property should be viewed as a long term investment. In the short term, property values may fluctuate and if you have to sell in the short term you may sustain a loss.

Keep some money aside to cover periods when the property is not let. 

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